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A Unique Perspective

Individual Therapy

 If you’re new to therapy, the unknown can be scary. We have been conditioned to think of therapy as cold, white washed, and a space where “crazy” persons go. I want to take a moment to applaud you for your investment and courage to address your concerns!  I’m here to share that therapy services with me are about a conversation. It’s important to me for the therapeutic space to be inviting and comfortable. It’s my belief that you are in the driver’s seat, my role is to help you better connect to the road through education for better navigation.

If you are returning to the therapeutic space, welcome back! I hope that your previous experiences were helpful! My mission is the same, to meet the goals that you set. Adding another perspective to your life experiences may give new insight and help to better connect the dots for clarity on your life experiences. Together we will explore what’s working and ways that you can add more tools to your skillset! Life is full of transitions, so it is more than ok that you are seeking more support to work through the latest happenings.

Group Therapy

Never underestimate the power of group therapy! I get the initial apprehension. Sharing my life stories with total strangers, what? It feels counter intuitive to what we have been taught to keep personal issues private. However, group therapy has afforded many of my participants to feel more connected than ever. Sometimes, we can feel alone in our experiences. My participants have shared how hearing the stories of others helps normalize their concerns. It has been rewarding to see how relationships are built during and maintained after the group sessions are over. There is strength in numbers! Group participants have been inspired and healed by the hearing of others’ stories. The healing of group therapy never ceases to amaze me.

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Panel Speaker and Workshop Facilitator 

“I have the nerve to walk my own way, however hard, in my search for reality, rather than climb upon the rattling wagon of wishful illusions.” - Zora Neale Hurston


I am passionate about community outreach! Mental health is about raising self-awareness, increasing education, and advocacy. The importance of self-awareness and connectedness with self should be discussed more. I promote ongoing education on how to navigate transitions of life development. Lastly, advocacy is another crucial component.  We can no longer afford to be passive about mental health. I promote having ongoing conversations in our schools, work environments, communities, churches, beauty shops/barber salons, and most importantly our homes. Wherever you need me for the conversion of mental health and its impact, I’ll be there! 

Build YOUR Dream: 1:1 Private Practice Coaching

“The function of freedom is to free someone else” 

- Toni Morrison

I have curated a program for clinicians that are interested in creating a path for themselves through private practice. Leaving my government job to branch off into private practice came with reservations. I didn't know of any black therapists that were doing it their way in the private sector. I heard of my white counterparts sharing their experiences and how lucrative it was for them. In 2023, I am excited to be giving other Black Therapists the necessary tools needed to step out on THEIR DREAM and ending the relationship in building up someone else’s. 

If you are currently a Dope Black Therapist looking for a program that will give you step by step support on gaining your freedom, running a business that is yours without any limits,  please contact me! Free consultations are offered!

Coming Soon!

I am currently in the process of gaining a Yoga Certification! I am super excited to incorporate this coping strategy into my practice! Stay tuned as MY GOAL is to introduce this support in 2023! 

GET READY TO TURN UP WITH ME IN 2023 with the new ventures that are coming!

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