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A Unique Perspective

Hello beautiful people! My name is Unique Jordan. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and the owner of A Unique Perspective LLC. I have been providing therapy services for more than ten years working with individuals, groups, and families. I began a professional journey in my home city of Chicago, graduating with my master’s degree at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. I support persons who are working through trauma, anxiety, addiction, depression, unaddressed childhood concerns, and boundary setting/interpersonal skills.

Though my private practice is located in Virginia, being born and raised in Chicago has equipped me with both life and professional experiences. Growing up, I also had a number of challenges to navigate and I’m still working through unlearning behaviors. I believe that no one is remiss from the healing journey. 

I also know how it feels to be in spaces where you are not seen, heard, and respected. In 2020, I opened my private practice as a result of being undervalued. I could no longer bear witness to the mistreatment of African American clients and the misunderstandings of the Black experience. My private practice has been dedicated to raising the awareness of mental health in an  approach where the conversation is normalized and digestible. My life’s purpose is to uplift the voices of those who have felt muted. My services provide a space of collaboration where others can learn to live more happily, freely, and honestly in their skin. 

I look forward to connecting with you!

Meet Unique!

My Mission

A Unique Perspective was developed to create a sacred space for us as African Americans. Statistics show that African American therapists make up 4 % of the psychology workforce. Statistics also show that we are less likely to seek out therapy support.


We have been in survival mode, working hard to meet the demands of family, work, and society that we have neglected to take care of the most important persons, ourselves. In our therapeutic environment, we explore challenges, identify strategies, so that you can live the life you desire. In all settings that I occupy, I bring authenticity, kindness, education, and understanding.


I model my therapy sessions after “Call and Response” songs, based in African tradition. In Call and Response, one person makes a statement and other replies, creating a rhythm and telling a story. Our therapeutic relationships will carry the same level of accountability, affirming of experiences, and solidarity.

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