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A Unique Perspective

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A Unique Perspective

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you."  

Have you been looking for a Dope Black Therapist? Well, I've been looking for you too!

I know that it has been difficult to find a safe space with someone that looks like you. With so many switches that we have to balance in various settings, the last thing that you want in the therapeutic space is inauthenticity! A Unique Perspective services are based in addressing the concerns that have been getting in the way of you being confident and unapologetic about who you are. You can reinvent, shape up, and rediscover yourself no matter what stage of life you’re currently in! Not sure how? I got you, let's figure it out! Choose your service of interest.

- Maya Angelou

Services Provided

Individual Therapy

Together we will explore what’s working and ways that you can add more tools to your skillset!

Group Therapy

Never underestimate the power of group therapy! 

Panel Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

Mental health is about raising self-awareness, increasing education, and advocacy.

“Build YOUR Dream”

Private Practice 1:1 Coaching

I have curated a program for clinicians that are interested in creating a path for themselves through private practice.

Our Products

AUP is now taking mental health representation outside of the therapeutic space and reppin it in a way that only we can! I hope that these pins give you pride in the strides you are making and spark conversations about mental health. My prayer is that your uniqueness not only shines through these pins, but in your everyday life by way of prioritizing your mental health. 


And without further ado, I introduce to you, A Unique Pin! Enjoy! 


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